Ievgen Vladimirov

Ievgen Vladimirov

Director, Cybersecurity Center at the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine

Ievgen Vladimirov was Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitalization from 2020-2021. In addition, other posts Ievgen holds and has held include:

  • Founder and honorary member of NGO International Cybersecurity University
  • NATO Energy Security Center of Exultance Steering Committee Member 2021
  • Chief Engineer in Georgy Pukhov Institute for Energy Modelling of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Founder of the State Digitalization and Cybersecurity Center of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
  • Adviser on Digitalization & Cybersecurity to Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Minister of Energy of Ukraine and Head of State Space Agency of Ukraine in 2018-2020

Ievgen was also co-author of ‘Energy Sectoral Cybersecurity Concept of Ukraine’ as well as the ‘Critical Infrastructure Law of Ukraine’ #1882, 10-Dec-2021

He is an expert in critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, digital transformations, public-private partnership and international relations with more than 20 years experience in sales, marketing, business development background in leading international corporations like Microsoft, Cisco, etc..